Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is this site about?
  • This portal provides official statistics that is managed by the National Centre for Statistics and Information. The Centre aims to provide a means to enhance knowledge and support decision making by providing users with the means to explore the data and use them in their daily tasks, or embed them into their applications.
  • What data can I find here?
  • This portal provides official statistics about Oman. These data come from various Omani government agencies. The portal contains data from about 20 data bases, covering different subjects, and we will keep adding more data in the future.
  • In what format is the data available?
  • The data are stored in a data warehouse which will enable you to build your own analytic reports. Then, you can export your tailored reports into different formats like Office products, JSON, XML and PDF.
  • How can I access these data?
  • The portal provides four main ways of accessing the data. The first is through using the search facility to search in a number of databases. The second way is through visualizing the data on maps. Third, you can use a data analysis tool to build your own analytic report. The final method is through looking for different indicators from different databases in the dashboard summary.
  • How can I ask for new data?
  • The easiest and fastest way to request a new data set is through the tab “Looking for new information”. This will open up a form to submit your request for the new data set.
  • Can we discuss ideas to re-use your data with you?
  • The National Centre for Statistics and Information wants to make these data useful for you. We welcome new ideas through the means mentioned above so that we can all participate positively in enhancing knowledge in Oman.
  • Are there any fees for commercial re-use of data?
  • All the data available in this portal are free, however usage must comply with the “Terms and Use”.
  • Are there any constraints on re-using the data?
  • There are no constraints on re-using the data. The aim is to improve knowledge about Oman and to support decision making. However, we do request that you attribute the source of the information to the National Centre for Statistics and Information.
  • How do I find definitions, or metadata?
  • The portal provides “Definition”, “Calculation methodology”, “Periodicity”, and much more information through its metadata management. All the metadata should be found through “Description” in the “Map” page

    , or in “Data Analysis”.

  • Do you provide for customization of the data?
  • Yes. You can always save your customization by using this

    to generate a link and then you may save it somewhere accessible for you, or share it with your colleagues via emails.
  • How can we contact you?
  • You can always contact us through “Contact us”, or through the toll free number 80076724. Either way will directly connect you with our Call Center.